Two women’s perspectives on outdoor adventure

I just finished writing a Q&A style article with Meghan (@yaheweha) about our perspectives on outdoor adventure.  We answered a few questions that I think are particularly relevant topics for women.  It was surprisingly hard to write my answers.  They’re topics that I’ve found myself thinking about on and off lately but putting those thoughts into word was challenging.  I don’t like to make generalizations because there are always exceptions but obviously I do have an opinion on certain topics which has been shaped by my personal experiences.  It was really interesting to read Meghan’s answers because I see us as being outwardly similar yet we both have very different experiences and answered the questions in different ways.  Check out the article & feel free to leave leave a comment.  We’d love to hear other opinions!


top photo Paul Zizka, bottom photo courtesy myself!

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  1. You’re answers where great! I enjoyed the interview.

  2. Thanks for read! Looking back I’m so glad I decided to start my blog and join twitter. The online climbing community is so great!


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