Playing tourist in Banff

This weekend the weather forecast wasn’t looking great.  Partially cloudy and cool.  It’s currently that in-between time when it’s neither winter nor summer.  Cold in the shade, trails that go from dry to muddy to snowy as you go upwards, April showers (or snow for that matter).  So it seemed like the perfect time to head to Banff for the day and check out the shorter trails around town and experiment with my camera.

My Canon is my first DSLR and I’m determined to learn to use more than just the automatic settings.  I’m still working on understanding what all the settings (ISO, shutter speed, aperture) mean and trying to figure out how to keep my landscape pictures from getting so washed out. Here’s a few pictures that I think turned out ok.

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*So it turns out my mystery tower is called Wind Tower.  Thanks Rafal :)

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  1. evilmoose

     /  April 30, 2012

    Two words, filters and post-processing…. if that actually counts as two words. I’ve used a polarising filter for ages, and am still trying to come to terms with my Graduated Neutral Density filter. Because shooting in the mountains, with the crazy bright sky and snow, and the super dark trees, you need something to help, and it’s either filters, or using a tripod and then post-processing images to blend them. But if you’re still working on perfecting aperture/ISO stuff, at this point you may be warding me off and yelling “Back, back, devil woman!” which is perfectly understandable too.

    Oh, and there’s nothing to make a good photo into a great one like the correct post-processing, especially if you’re shooting in raw.

    • Well there goes my hope of it being a one-button fix! Haha
      I have noticed the bright sky/dark tree effect that appears in a lot of my pictures. I knew the guy at The Camera Store was on to something when he laughed as I told him I’d probably never buy a second lens for my camera.


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