Little baby adventures

It’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog or had the desire to write on it.  I guess new babies tend to have that effect.  Since baby girl arrived it’s been quite the learning process.

Things that were harder than I expected: healing, breastfeeding, leaving the house, dealing with sleep deprivation, finding time to prepare food and eat, … really I could go on here!

Things that turned out to be easy: ??? I kid :)  While most things were hard in the beginning, everything became much easier the more I practiced.

Things that surprised me: 

  • How easy it would be to meet other mom friends.  Turns out babies are great icebreakers!  It wasn’t hard to find local groups online that organized activities.
  • How generous and thoughtful friends (both with and without kids) would be in offering support/advice/hand-me-downs.  We were fortunate enough to receive many items as gifts or second hand which allowed us to spend our money on nice outdoor gear for baby girl.
  • How preparing for that first trip out of the house would remind me of getting ready for my first backcountry trip (Did I pack enough? Not enough? What type of bag should I use? Should I find things that are more lightweight? Is an extra chocolate bar necessary? <– the answer to this is always YES!).  The good news is that it didn’t take long to be a backcountry packing pro and same goes for getting out with babies.  My friend had to remind me of this when I got so flustered on my first trip out that I completely forgot how to fold up my stroller and resorted to putting it in my trunk unfolded!
  • How everything would turn into an adventure!  Driving to a city park for a 30 min walk? –> Not normally that exciting.  Driving to a city park for baby’s first outdoor walk in her Chariot (and having her snooze the whole time)? –> AWESOME!!!!
  • How rad it would be to hang out with a little person all day.  I was never a big kid person but it’s pretty fun to see her personality develop and introduce her to the things I love.

The last few months have been exceptionally cold and we haven’t been able to go outside very  much so instead, we nailed our routine for leaving the house and snoozing on the go.  Our current cold weather walking routine involves putting baby in her Boba carrier or Baby Buddha sling under my jacket.  I have a jacket panel extender from Make My Belly Fit that fits on two of my down jackets and allows me to zip them up with her underneath.  Depending on temperatures, she’ll either be in the carrier in a cotton sleeper or a fleece sleeper. (At some point I plan on reviewing the items I found super helpful for getting outside!)

With warm weather finally in sight, I’m excited to get more comfortable taking her out on longer walks and mini hikes so when summer rolls around we’ll be ready to hit the mountains!

An (over) bundled baby on her first Chariot walk.  Mountains in the distance made for good motivation and excellent views :)

An (over) bundled baby on her first Chariot walk. Mountains in the distance made for good motivation and excellent views :)




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