Gift Ideas for Outdoor Women, Mamas & Babies

I’ve always enjoyed reading gift guides around the holidays.  Sometimes I find items that I’d like to add my wish list (or my shopping list for someone else), but mostly, I just enjoy checking out all the neat products/books out there! It’s fun to see what others with the same interests would list as their favourite items.  Here are some of my favourite items that I’d recommend for outdoor women/mamas & babies!

1. Books

I recently discovered Erin McKittrick’s writing this year.  Her first book “A Long Trek Home” is about her journey walking from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska with her husband.  I love wilderness adventure books so this was right up my alley and reminded me how much I’m looking forward to backcountry camping again someday :)

Her second book, “Small Feet, Big Land”, documents her adventures walking on the Alaska coast and on a glacier (a glacier!) with her husband and two small children.  While this type of trip is way out of my little family’s league right now, I still found it inspirational.  Highly recommend this one!

On the theme of adult books, I’m halfway through “The Calling:A Life Rocked By Mountains” by Barry Blanchard and would recommend this if you’re into books about rock/alpine/ice climbing and how it’s evolved over time.  Barry is a local guide and it’s the story of how he started climbing and the expeditions he went on.  It’s a particularly fun read if you’ve climbed locally as you’ll recognize so many of the places/routes!

2. Make My Belly Fit

I reviewed this in a previous post but this is one item I’ve used a ton from pregnancy to carrying around a 10 month old baby.  If you’re an outdoor women like me, you have an impressive collection of technical jackets and would prefer to wear them rather than stash them away when you have a baby.  The MMBF panel will allow you to continue wearing yours before & after baby by adding some extra room to your jacket.

Enjoying the jacket panel on a cold day while snowshoeing at Bragg Creek

Enjoying the jacket panel on a cold day while snowshoeing

3. Wee Woolies Hat

My husband and I both love our merino wool hats for outdoor adventures big & small so we figured, why wouldn’t we treat little E to the same thing?  Some perks of this hat: it’s reasonably priced ($17.99) , it’s made by a Canadian company, it’s soft, and it layers well under hoods or thicker hats for extra warmth!

4. Down Blanket

For the longest time, I’ve kept my trusty Eddie Bauer down blankets (yes, I have several) in the car for emergencies: warming up in the car, chilly nights by the campfire, emergency picnic blanket, car pillow for tired passengers, etc.  When E came along we found a new use, stroller warmer!  In her Chariot it’s kept her warm on fall days without a snowsuit, and on cold snowy days we add it on top of her snowsuit to keep her extra warm. The blankets are very sturdy and I’ve washed ours with regular laundry and not noticed any effect on performance.  The price is also very good for down ($60 though it it looks to be on sale right now for $30!).

5. Stonz Booties

Ever had the problem of going out in the winter and needing a pair of shoes to walk to/from the car and a separate pair to wear indoors? Well, if you’re an adult you’re out of luck.  If you’re a baby or toddler, you’re covered!  I put E’s shoes on and slip the booties on top which make it easy to transition from walks outside to play gyms.  If we’re just heading outside I skip the indoor shoes and layer 2 pairs of socks (one of hers and one of my wool pairs) for extra warmth.  If you find the pricetag is a bit high, try checking out kid’s consignment stores.

6. Patagonia Down Sweater

This is hands down my favourite jacket and is so versatile that I wear it year round.  I’ve had mine for several years and I think it’s well worth the price tag (I’d buy it again in a heartbeat!).  Hubby has one as well and shares my opinion.  I wear it around town during all four seasons and I’ve also taken it hiking, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, ice climbing, alpine climbing and rock climbing.  After baby, I’ve found it extremely practical in that it washes well, and packs into a small ball that’s easy to throw in a purse or diaper bag.  It’s also useful as a warm emergency baby blanket!

 7. Insulated straw thermos

After going through a few baby travel cups, I was browsing the selection at MEC when another mom came up to me to rave about how much she loved this thermos.  It was enough to convince me to buy it and I have to agree, it’s awesome!  It actually keeps water inside without leaking, it’s easy to take apart and clean, and everything is dishwasher safe!

Photo from

Photo from

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  1. Jill

     /  November 21, 2014

    Which of Erin McKittrick’s books would you recommend reading first?

    • You could read either first! I read “Small Feet, Big Land” first and after seeing a few references to their previous trip from Seattle to Alaska, decided to read the “A Long Trek Home”. I didn’t think it spoiled in the book in any way reading it second :) You can’t go wrong either way! I highly recommend them both :)

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