Comparing the Chariot and BOB strollers

When I was pregnant and shopping for strollers, I was completely overwhelmed with the choices out there.  I knew for sure that I wanted to get out biking, running and cross-country skiing with the baby in addition to walking around the city park pathways.  So what stroller to get to?  I had no idea which of those activities would be feasible with a <1 year old or if a stroller even existed that would meet all those requirements!  Not to mention every option seemed very pricey so I wanted to make sure I made the right choice the first time.  Almost a year later, I have a much clearer view of what worked and what didn’t so I thought I’d write this up to help any other parents out there who are similarly mystified!

Before I continue, here’s what I wound up with (if the title isn’t obvious enough!).  We were gifted a Chariot CX1 from family and bought a BOB Revolution SE secondhand from a friend who gave it to us for a good price.


 Chariot CX1

Short version: You pay for what you get.  This stroller does everything and does it extremely well.  If you live in Calgary, it seems most outdoor families have one and for good reason!  There are a few tiny quirks to the stroller but the main downside is it’s bulk and cost.

Full Chariot CX1 review

 BOB Revolution SE

Short version: Compared to non-jogging strollers, the BOB is still quite bulky though not as much as the Chariot.  Brand new, it’s a pricey second stroller but used, it’s a great choice for active families who travel.  It can’t be used to bike or ski, but you can buy stroller skis that enable you to push it on snowy pathways (–> Polar Stroller skis)

Full BOB Revolution SE review

Other Options

If you’re looking for a different stroller from the BOB or Chariot that will still perform outdoors, or if you want a second stroller in addition to your Chariot, I’ve polled some of my active Calgary friends to see what choices they made and why.

Stroller Baby Jogger City Elite
Why? I like to do a lot a trail walking, both on paved and gravel pathways. I found the Elite with 12″ air filled wheels ticked all my boxes as I wanted my stroller to:
  • Have an all terrain wheel with air filled tires to give my baby a good ride when out walking
  • Be light and easy to fold down and pop up,  and be compact in my car
  • Be easy to travel with and have wheels that come off easily
  • Be able to lay my baby flat whilst he was sleeping and sit him upright when awake
  • Have a large canopy for protection against the sun and harsh winter elements
  • Have an adjustable height handle bar
  • I didn’t want a jogging stroller with 16″ wheels as they were too big when indoors
  • I didn’t want to spend more than $500 on a stroller.

Likes It is fabulous with our Polar Stroller skis for winter walking, snowshoeing, etc & an excellent all terrain stroller, without being too big and keeps your child shielded from the elements. Adjustable height handle bar.
Dislikes I would like the upright position to be more upright, rather than sling like and slightly slumped.

– Kelly (Owner of Polar Stroller)

Stroller Jeep Adventure.
Likes I love how it looks and rides. It’s a great jogging stroller, Logan hardly feels anything. It has great off roading as well. We go to the dog park everyday. The cargo basket is big and fits a backpack easily. And great coffee cup holders- which is a must for new mummies. Dislikes BIG – I have to take the truck as it doesn’t fit in the Cavalier and takes up most if the cargo space in the RAV4. It’s also hard to find accessories (weather shields etc) for the adventure model. The liberty and other models have accessories, but they typically don’t fit the adventure model. I heard from a friend that mine is a newer model- so maybe in the future it will be easier to find stuff to fit.
                   – Hollie
Stroller Graco Fast Action Jogger
Why? It came as a travel system with a car seat. One buy and no attachments to purchase. I wanted a stroller that had large wheels that were air filled to handle the pathways and our winter weather. We had plans to jog this summer but haven’t yet used it for that purpose.
Likes Front wheel locks for jogging and unlocked it turns on a dime, very easy to steer one-handed, folds one-handed, two cupholders are great (one for water, one for latte), great storage underneath, sturdy, stands on it’s own when folded because of a kickstand (saves storage space)
Dislikes It’s very heavy and bulky when folded and the seat doesn’t recline enough. Unless your baby is sitting on their own very well, it’s not useable without the car seat. If you have a child that hates his carseat, the stroller doesn’t get used.
                                                                                                                       – Laurel

Stroller: City Select City Mini GT
Why? Needed something versatile for travel, malls and just walking around.
Likes: How easy it was to travel with, folds in 1 second, compact and light, a huge canopy that completely covers baby from the sun, lowers flat to sleep with venting to get through, pushes through anything.
Dislikes: There isn’t much I don’t like but I’d say I disliked how you had to buy all the parts separately (console, snack tray, car seat holder) etc.

– Renee

Stroller: Nuna Pepp
Why? I didn’t get a running stroller although I knew I wanted to be active again and doing sports with my baby. I decided on a travel friendly, lightweight stroller hoping it would also work for running purposes. I can lock the front wheels so steering is easy and I knew for sure I was travelling to Europe at least twice in her first 12 months while I didn’t know how active I would be in this period.
Likes: It pushes easily on pavement, and I managed to run a few times, but it does not work anywhere else
Dislikes: I knew this wouldn’t work well in bad weather conditions, but figured in that case I’d rather stay in (others use carriers). It worked for me to have a lightweight stroller instead of a heavy running stroller. I stuck to just one stroller and would suggest you decide on the most prominent purpose rather then the pressure of being an active mom, which I think I am. Running did not become my passion again, now she is 11 months and would rather be on playdates and active herself then in the stroller. I managed to get some me time to go running by myself which is a nice time off. Further, pelvic floor issues is something you don’t consider while pregnant, many just can’t go back to running.


Kelly with her

Kelly with her Baby Jogger City Elite and skis! Photo: Kelly Patterson

Final thoughts

Both the BOB and the Chariot are great strollers and you can’t go wrong with either.  Picking one, in my opinion, comes down to your expected usage.  If you think you’ll be skiing or biking with your baby, the Chariot is hands down the way to go.  The only question at that point would be which Chariot to get and if you think you’d need a second stroller, which to get (hopefully my thoughts above are helpful in that decision!).  If you’re not planning on skiing or biking with baby, you might want to consider the BOB or a similar jogging stroller as they are smaller than a Chariot and less expensive.

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If you have any questions about either stroller, please ask! Or, please share your thoughts on either stroller (likes, dislikes) or on whichever stroller you chose!


Disclaimer:  My Chariot was a gift from family and I bought my BOB second hand.  Kelly is a friend of mine and I think her skis are just so awesome after seeing her use them on several walks.

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