Review: MyMayu Muddy Munchkin boots

In the last month, a very exciting event occurred in our household.  The little bear learned to walk!

Family walks <3

Training for summer hikes :)

One of the challenges that arose with learning to walk in the winter, was finding winter boots.  I wanted to find a pair that came in her tiny size 3 feet and would be able to handle different winter conditions (so far this year we we’ve had snow, ice, puddles, and lots of bare concrete – sigh, that’s another story) while keeping her warm.

The idea of trying MyMayu’s Muddy Munchkin boots, came after seeing a post on their blog about using them in the winter.  I was excited to give the boots a go and contacted the owner, Suzanne.  MyMayu is a British Colombia based company that Suzanne started after having similar issues finding properly fitted boots for her youngest son, who was also an early walker.  If you have any questions about MyMayu’s boots I highly recommend contacting Suzanne, she’s passionate about getting kids outdoors in good boots and is happy to help!

Review: Muddy Munchkin boots and Helios fleece liners

These are lightweight, water-resistant boots that comes in toddler sizes 1/2 –  7/8.  The boots have a wide rubber sole and cinches at the ankle and calf to keep adjust fit.  To use the fleece inserts for extra warmth, put them on first before slipping little feet into the boots.

Dry feet even after this!

Dry feet even after this!

Where have they been used?

These have been our go-to boots since they arrived! Little bear likes to do a little walking wherever we go so they’ve been used in snow, puddles, on sidewalks and indoors. We’ve used them both with the liners on cold days, and without on warmer ones.

Puddle splashing

Meltwater puddle splashing! And yes, that is ice underneath.

Things we loved:

  • These boots are cute!  There a ton of colours and cartoon characters to choose from. We’ve gotten quite a few compliments on them!
  • They’re warm.  We’ve gone on family walks down to ~-5C and had no problems with cold feet.  We’ve been out in colder weather on errands and even then, no problems! The tall gaiters also help keep legs warm and protected from wind.
  • They’re waterproof (in my experience). Little bear has fully submerged her feet in puddles and had dry feet at the end.  The boots are labelled water-resistant but for short puddle splashing sessions, they work great.
  • They’re collapsible.  They take up very little space so it’s easy to throw them in my purse or the side pockets of a backpack if we’re unsure whether little bear will do any walking.
  • Cinch at the ankle keeps boots on.  The wide opening to the rubber sole makes getting feet in easier, and the cinch is really well positioned to keep the boots from slipping off.
  • They’re lightweight.  Having done a lot of hiking, I can attest to the saying “a pound on the foot is worth 5 on the back”.  They’re significantly lighter than any rubber boot or winter boot for toddlers that I’ve seen.
  • The liners do double duty as warm socks.  Turns out, the liners have been extremely useful on their own! They make a great layer over her socks during hikes where she’s being carried or pushed in the Chariot.
  • Last but not least, little bear is able to walk as well in them as she does barefoot! The boots don’t seem to hinder her walking at all which is exactly what we were hoping for!
Sitting in the new snow with her Muddy Munchkin boots

Sitting in the new snow with her Muddy Munchkin boots

A few things to consider:

  • These are good quality boots that excel at what they were designed for – which makes them well worth the price in my opinion!
  • When using the liners, the boots aren’t the easiest to put on a wiggly toddler.  That being said, practice makes perfect and this hasn’t held us back from regular use!  Making the gaiter a little wider at the top may help.  I’ve passed this on to Suzanne who appreciated the feedback! Edit: now that we’re out of snowsuit season, I can say it’s really easy to get the boots on without liners. Even with the liners it’s quick to slip them on over leggings!

To sum it up …

If you have a young walker and would like to be able to take them out walking in wet or chilly conditions, these are a great “fit” and I highly recommend them :)

Thank you to MyMayu who helped provide these boots for testing and review!

A walk around the boardwalk

A walk around the boardwalk

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  1. karenung77

     /  February 26, 2015

    Yay for Little Bear walking! So glad you found boots that work for her. Not sure if they would fit inside, but we loved Baby Uggs and Emus for warmth. What material are the soles made of?

    • I must admit, I love my Uggs too! I usually wear mine to work in the winter to keep my feet warm. I didn’t know they made baby ones. We’ve been using hand-me-down MEC baby hut booties for Chariot rides :)

      The Muddy Munchkin boots have a soft rubber sole. It’s actually quite grippy!


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