Recharging the batteries: An adult trip to Shadow Lake Lodge

The cabins at Shadow Lake Lodge. The first two are the eating cabin and then the reading cabin.

The cabins at Shadow Lake Lodge. The first two are the eating cabin and then the reading cabin.

This past July, I got to check off one of my bucket list items! I’ve always wanted to stay at a backcountry lodge and decided this was the summer we would visit Shadow Lake Lodge in Banff.  Usually we like to do backcountry camping trips with friends, though those trips were temporarily put on hold when Little Bear came around.  Since she’s now an independent little toddler, it seems like a good time to take an adult trip.  We had a few potential trips in mind but when I found out I was expecting a Baby Bear in the new year, it sealed the deal that we would celebrate with a fancy lodge experience!

I had done quite a bit of hiking when I was pregnant with Little Bear so I felt fairly confident that I could handle the hike in (14 km with 400 m elevation gain) as I’d be 3.5 months pregnant.  We decided to go for 3 days (2 nights), as it was LB’s first time away from us and I wasn’t sure how many days of hiking I’d be up for.  And it wasn’t exactly cheap!

The hike in on the fire road was very straightforward and rather nice as far as fire roads go.  It was cool for the first half of the hike and then rained/hailed for the second half.  Luckily we had our full goretex gear so no one got wet and it was great motivation to move quickly!  Unluckily for me, pregnancy #2 turned out to be much harder on my body than #1.  Even my small 15 lb pack turned out to be a bit much and by the time we got to the lodge I was limping and ready to sit.  With a good rest that night, I was recovered by the next day so it wasn’t too bad.  It took us about 4 hrs in total to walk up there and as a side note, the “steep” part at the end didn’t seem very steep or sustained in my opinion.

Checking out the clearing views after an afternoon of rain and hail.

Checking out the clearing views after an afternoon of rain and hail.

Same view but in the morning!

Same view but in the morning!

The next day we did a day hike to Gibbon Pass, followed by a post-lunch walk to check out Shadow Lake.  I had originally thought it would be fun to go off trail and explore Copper Mtn but my hips declined that option.  Gibbon Pass was beautiful though, and likely one of the prettiest passes I’ve seen which made the change in plans worthwhile.  We lucked out and had cool weather all day which was lovely to hike in.

The wildflowers on the way up to Gibbon Pass

The wildflowers on the way up to Gibbon Pass were some of the most vibrant I’ve ever seen!

Gibbon Pass

Gibbon Pass

The lodge was amazing! It will definitely be that much harder to go back to backcountry camping now that I know what I’m missing.  We got an individual wood cabin with a wash basin, heater and very comfy bed with a down duvet and wool blankets.  There was even our own porch for afternoon tea!  The communal bathrooms had hot water and showers.  I think the best part though was not having to worry about food. After our hikes we enjoyed afternoon tea, then settled in to the reading cabin to read and chat with everyone.  Dinner was in a separate cabin and was as good as any restaurant I’ve been to. They did a great job preparing high end meals in a off-grid setting.

Hubby and I both agreed that this was the perfect relaxing vacation for hikers and we’d love to do this again sometime after the next bear cub.

Shadow Lake and Mt Ball

Shadow Lake and Mt Ball

In case anyone is in my situation and thinking of heading in while pregnant, here are a few things I’d take note of:

  • The hike in.  My husband didn’t feel like he broke a sweat walking in but I really felt it due to this pregnancy.  I wore a hip stabilizing belt which helped a ton.  I wish I had packed lighter or opted to let hubby carry our stuff in and only carried my water and snack in my bag.
  • Day hikes. There are a lot of day hikes to do from the lodge but many are at least 6 km return with elevation gain.  And this would be after your hike in and before your hike out.  I was ok with the idea of hanging out around the lodge for a day if I didn’t feel good but thankfully felt fine the next day.
  • Food. Let’s just say, between breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, it was a pregnant lady’s dream come true!  Add in the extra calories burned hiking and I was very happy to stuff myself at every meal.  There was always more than enough food and it was delicious.

If anyone has been to any other lodges here or elsewhere, I’d love to hear how they were!

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