Gifts to last from Baby to Toddler

With an almost 3 year old and a baby I’ve realized that outdoor gear for kids can get expensive, fast! They have this tendency to outgrow all the things, all the time. The worst age for this is baby to toddler. Not only do they grow size-wise but also in abilities and interests. If you’re having a baby anytime soon or shopping for someone with a baby, here are some items that have lasted us from baby to toddler.

Boba baby carrier

We bought this carrier before Little Bear was born and used it with her until she was ~20 months and then have been using it again with Baby Bear since he was born.  The Boba is awesome because it comes with an insert for newborns (no extras to buy!) and also has leg stirrups if you’d like to use it well into toddler years. There are lots of comparable carriers (Lillebaby, Tula, Ergo, etc)  so check out a local store that specializes in babywearing for help picking the best one.


Hiking the Fullerton Loop with Little Bear when she was a baby

Stonz Booties

These booties are great for two reasons. Firstly, on a non-walking infant they stay on and provide a generous amount of leg coverage that’s water-resistant and windproof.  On a walking baby/toddler, they’re great to layer on top of fleece socks or fleece slippers for when your kiddo is stationary (ie in a carrier or Chariot). I only bought the booties but there are also liners you can purchase as well.


Baby bear on the right with his Stonz Booties. Ok one bootie and one mitt because mom was distracted.

Travel Cubes

After staring down my diaper backpack and wondering how I was going to organize everything for two kids, I came up with the idea of travel cubes! I bought the MEC versions and love them as they’re cheap and well made. I keep one cube for my son and one for my daughter.  This enables me to find things easily but also re-pack into a different bag quickly without forgetting things.


His and hers bags for the diaper backpack

Down Blankets

I have had our down blankets from Eddie Bauer for a while but have gotten the most use out of them since kiddos came along.  They keep kids warm in the Chariot and in the backpack carrier and also make great car blankets or camping quilts to throw over your sleeping bags. I can’t find the exact ones we have but these on the Eddie Bauer site are close (Costco also sells their own down blankets!)


Down blankets for the win (and warmth)


My first beloved Thermos is 8 years old and going strong. It’s been our go-to for hot chocolate for ourselves and for the toddler when she was old enough to indulge in a post winter hike bribe beverage. A Thermos is also great to store hot water in for either formula or heating up a bottle of breastmilk, as the case may be. A good Thermos is fairly pricey but if taken care of properly they’ll last a long time and can be used by everyone!


Old vs new Thermos

If you’re like me and like reading what other families love enough to recommend, check out these posts!

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  1. I am so happy you told me about the down blankets at Costco! We got 2 and just took them backcountry camping. They compress so small but add a lot of warmth (we used them as over and under quilts)!

    • Yay! Glad they worked. Ours are pretty old so I’m eyeing down those Costco ones too as soon as they bite the dust.

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