My name is Sarah and I live in Calgary, Alberta.  I started this blog mostly as a way to document my adventures and maybe rant about things here and there.  You see, I wasn’t always into the “outdoor thing”.  As a kid I played in my yard, walked in the woods with my parents, and visited Banff occasionally where I rode the gondola up Sulphur Mt.  Camping was a once in a blue moon event that always seemed to be more fun in theory than in practice.  Then I grew up, went to university, graduated, got married, moved, got a job, bought a house and found myself living within an hour driving of the Rockies.

It seemed like such a shame to live so close to the mountains and not at least give hiking and camping a try.  Being new to the city and without more experienced friends, we learned a lot about the outdoors by trial and error.  Let me tell you, choosing hiking boots for the first time or figuring out how to light those darned MSR white gas stoves isn’t easy!!  What we couldn’t safely figure out ourselves we hired guides to show us how to do.

Along the way I’ve made some great friends and accomplished a lot of things I’m particularly proud of.  I’ve become a pretty proficient hiker and backcountry camper.  I discovered that ice climbing is pretty fun and tried lead ice climbing and multi-pitch ice climbing.  I learned to downhill and backcountry ski and had an opportunity to explore the Wapta Icefields in the winter.  I spent a week in the summer on the same icefields learning how to safely navigate my way across a glacier and climb snow-covered peaks.  I discovered that I love the diversity in rock climbing: hard indoor routes, bouldering, days out cragging with friends, the challenge (ha!) of lead climbing, multi-pitch routes  …

My latest big (long term) adventure has been the arrival of my daughter!  She’s an awesome little buddy I’ve been enjoying trying out new activities with her and figuring out how to make things work as a family of three now!

I have several goals I’d like to work on in the future.  They’re conveniently on a list on my fridge but I’m not too concerned with how or when I get to them.  It turns out is true that the journey is just as fun as reaching the destination.

You can reach me at cdnrockiesgirl at gmail dot com

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  1. Hey, this is Gina with Outdoor Women’s Alliance. Congratulations on your winning entry in our Banff Mountain Festival & OR giveaway! DM (on Twitter) your mailing address so we can ship you the prize!


  2. Thank you!!! That just made my morning :)

    • Holy smokes, Sarah, was just trying to find your last name to quote you for the Ski Town post and came across this massively old post from when I first met you on Twitter! So awesome to think back to! :)


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