Laser Eye Surgery

As I dug up my old packing lists this week to get ready for my Bugaboos trip, I smiled because there were a few items I finally got to leave off the list:  glasses and contacts!!!  I’ve worn glasses since I was in grade 6 and was in “blind as a bat” category.  There’s always been so many little things that drove me nuts about them: hugging people smushed my frames, you can’t lie on the couch on your side since it pushes on the frames, if it’s hot or you’re doing any exercise glasses slip down your nose as you sweat, going in and out of the cold means permanent fog, backcountry camping and having to sanitize your hands to take out contacts.  I really could go on.  And I won’t even get started on the issue of sunglasses.  Ever been driving and think, oh it’s sunny I’ll put my sunglasses on.  It doesn’t work so well when you can’t remove your glasses to put on your prescription sunglasses because you’re too blind!

So, needless to say I’ve been wanting to have laser eye surgery ever since I heard it was an option.  I actually went for a consultation in my first year of university.  It was advertised as being free and I was a student so anything free sounded awesome!  They listed some of the possible complications and I knew immediately it was not for me (not that I had the money to pay for it even if I wanted to).  I didn’t think much of it until this past year when I had several friends have the procedure done with excellent results.  So I booked another consultation.  Seemed like the technology had come a long way.

Turns out I was a great candidate for LASIK and I booked a surgery date. Funny fact:  Calgary is so dry that many people have to have their eyes re-tested after their consultation as it’s hard to tell if the cornea is misshaped  or just really dry from the climate.  Having the surgery done was the easiest part.  You’re in and out in 10 min and it’s completely painless albeit a bit freaky because you know exactly what they’re doing.  I tried not to breathe through my nose lest I smell anything burning.

I think I was pretty lucky that I had no pain at all afterwards.  I had the surgery Friday afternoon and was able to go back to work on Monday!  My vision wasn’t perfect at that point but it was good enough to drive and be at work.  Turns out I had some swelling in both eyes from the incision and the extra water made my vision just under 20/20.  The swelling took about 4 months (till June) to go down.

Overall, I am SO happy I had this done.  It has definitely revolutionized my life to not have to worry about glasses or contacts anymore.  I had been really worried about complications since I had very dry eyes to start with but I had no problems other that the minor swelling and even that was very livable. If anyone has any questions about getting this done, feel free to leave a comment or email me!

No glasses for this lady in Canyonlands!

Multi-pitchin’ sans contacts for once