Spring seed planting

I know I’m about a million (okay 2) trip reports behind but I decided to take some free time today to plant seeds.  Having a house and backyard space is a relatively new thing so last year I got around to buying some tomato and herb plants and growing them in pots on my deck.  It wasn’t that hard but it was really expensive.  Anything that’s potted and of a reasonable size is not cheap.  The bigger tomato plants are the priciest.  So this spring I decided to start my own seedlings.  I have a big window that gets a lot of sunlight and was feeling thrifty so I went to pick up some seeds this morning.

After reading Eliz’s post on her home-made setup, I realized I didn’t have enough toilet paper rolls but did have 2 egg cartons.  I didn’t think to take pictures as I setup my trays but it’s fairly easy to do.

  1. Cut the tops from the bottom of the egg carton.
  2. Take two long pieces of plastic wrap and overlap them so you have a wider piece of the same length.
  3. Fill the egg compartments with soil and plant your seeds!
  4. Water generously.
  5. The idea with the plastic wrap is that you put one end of it under the egg carton bottom before you nestle it into the top.  This keeps all the water from leaking onto the top and also leaves a nice long flap that can be pulled over to cover the garden or lifted for watering.  I kept the ends open to allow for airflow.

Plastic wrap ready to be folded over the seedlings. Underneath the plastic wrap is the top of the egg carton.

I don’t have the patience to read up on how to start seeds so I’m hoping that my setup will provide a greenhouse effect and airflow while not allowing water to leak onto my windowsill.  I did put aluminum foil and tea clothes under each carton just in case!  I’m also not sure about how they’ll do on the windowsill.  It gets *a lot* of light (and within 10 min of me leaving them there was roasting) so I may move them to my kitchen table once they sprout to avoid cooking anything.

I planted roma & heirloom tomatoes, peas and zucchini.  I’m also going to try and plant petunias once I get my hands on a few more egg cartons.  Hopefully this works – I’ll try and update in a few weeks!

Mini-greenhouses ready to go on the windowsill