Showshoeing at The Point

I’ve never been into any winter sports other than skiing and ice climbing.  It’s crossed my mind to try something else, you know, add some variety to my winter sport list, but it’s never seemed like the right time.  This week a friend asked me if I wanted to go snowshoeing and for whatever reason, it seemed like the right time.  The fact that the hills hadn’t gotten any snow played no part in my decision :)

My husband & I joined my friend, her husband and her dog on a snowshoe to The Point on Kananaskis Lakes.  In one of those funny coincidences, The Point is also a summer backcountry campsite and was the first place we had ever backcountry camped as well as being the first place my girlfriend & her hubby had backcountry camped.  It’s 4km and 200m of elevation gain to get to the backcountry site.  We ate lunch at one of the sites overlooking the frozen lake and had we thought ahead, we could have used the firepit!  There were a few sites that looked like they were cleared and camped in recently and we saw two guys hike in across the lake to camp overnight.

All in all, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the trip.  I knew I’d have a blast hanging out with our friends but turns out snowshoeing is actually really fun!  I’ve been hiking on well-packed trails in the winter/shoulder season and never understood why you’d bring snowshoes.  Turns out there’s some good reasons!.\  First off, if you want to step off to the side to snag a picture there’s no more sinking up to your thighs in snow.  Secondly, the crampons on the bottom of the snowshoes provide so much security when you walk.  No more slipping or sliding with each step.  In addition, there’s heel risers you can pull up to make going uphill easier.

We bought our snowshoes at MEC and were both really happy with what we chose.  I got the Women’s MSR Lightning Axis 22 snowshoes (which came in purple!) and my husband got the MSR Evo Tour 22 (did you know these were the EXACT same snowshoe used by the main character in The Bourne Legacy? (and did you know the winter scenes were filmed at Elbow Falls in Kananaskis??)).


Trail map


Looking back at where we started


Snow covering an old rockslide.  To the far right is a trad climb called Joy.  Joy refers to, I assume, the feeling you get after climbing 10 pitches of slab :)




The problem with always bringing my camera is that I get great shots of *other* people but none of myself.


Almost at the campsite


A look back at the mountain range behind where we started. Does this look like Alaska? Seems the makers of Bourne Legacy figured it was close enough :)


Lake ice


The moon is still barely in the sky


My snowshoes. Not that you can really see them.


The mountain pup. On a side note, she has matching green legwarmers that I sewed out of polar fleece but it was too warm to wear them.


It was really windy on the lake and the wind was swirling the snow around.  I just happened to catch it when the sun went behind a cloud but was still partially shining on the lake.  I think the effect was pretty neat!