Powderface wildflowers & bouldering

Earlier this summer I hiked up Powderface Ridge in southern K-country and was treated to some spectacular fields of flowers.  I just found the pictures on my phone and they were too pretty not to post.  What I *wish* I had taken a picture of was this boulder a third of the way up.  Right in the middle of the meadows is what I assume to be a glacial erratic.  It’s maybe 8 ft high and looks quite out of place in relation to it’s surroundings.  I climbed up one side in hikers but wished I had brought climbing shoes for some nice looking lines up the other side.  Not sure if anyone else has tried their luck at this boulder but I think that I’ll definitely be back to play around on it.  If anyone has heard anything about bouldering there I’d love to know!

I think these are prairie smoke.

Boulder is lower down on the left

I think this is some type of prairie aster. Not sure though.


Meadow up close